5 Reasons Why At Home Schooling Is A Great Alternative To Public School

School is a place where children learn, have friends, and play. However, not all schools are equal. Some do an excellent job of putting students on the path to success and happiness, while others don’t fare as well.

As a student that home schooled from the 8th grade through high-school myself, I know very well the difference in the education that I received and the focus that I had after transitioning from public school to home schooling.

Of course, every parent may have a different reason as to why they are thinking about home schooling their children.

In this article we will cover these 5 reasons why home schooling is a great alternative to public school;

#1- Home Schooling Can Be More Affordable

One of the reasons why parents choose to home-school their kids is because it tends to be more affordable. The common costs for Public School include the price for uniforms, books, stationary, lunches and transportation, just to name a few examples.

While home schooling may share in some of these expenses, you have much more control on what is important and how you budget. While home schooling will have the expense of books or online course material, the savings in transportation and child care expenses can more than make up for these costs.

Public schools utilize your state’s tax dollars and federal funds to determine what is best for the students, usually leaving the parents largely out of the equation.

The spending per student of a quality public school can be an average of around $13,000 per year in many states. There are a few states upwards of the $20,000 mark! 

Here is a quick graphic that shows the average funding spent per student for public schooling per state;

cost per student in US
Hanson, Melanie. “U.S. Public Education Spending Statistics” EducationData.org, March 15, 2022, https://educationdata.org/public-education-spending-statistics

Another reason why home schooling may be more affordable is because there are no transportation costs associated with it. When you’re paying for public school, you’re not only paying for your child’s education; you’re also paying for their transportation to and from school each day. 

There is some fantastic information that is updated weekly on the average cost of transportation at the Bureau of Transportation’s Official Webpage.

#2 - Home Schooling Builds Independence

 Home schooling builds independence in children like nothing else. Children who are home schooled have the opportunity to be more self-driven and self-educating than their counterparts in traditional schools.

 As a result, they naturally become more independent and confident. For those kids, there’s never any pressure to take standardized tests or for them to feel like they’re always behind in class because of the other students.

 One major benefit of home schooling is that it offers your child an opportunity to learn at their own pace. No matter how fast or slow they are as learners, they can progress at their own rate while feeling encouraged by the support of their parents, rather than feeling pressured by peers in a traditional setting.

 Home schooling can also provide kids with much more one-on-one time with their teachers, where kids can get all of the attention they need so that they can excel academically and socially.

#3 - Home Schooling Reduces Anxiety

 One of the main reasons why some people homeschool is to avoid the anxiety that comes with being in a large classroom setting. There have been many studies done on this, and they’ve found that school puts children under a lot of pressure. They’re expected to sit still, raise their hand, finish their work quickly, and more.

 In turn, this can lead to an increase in anxiety or even aggression. With home schooling, parents can teach their kids at their own pace without the pressure of other students around them.

#4 - Homeschooling Gives Parents More Time To Spend With Their Kids

Many parents want more time to spend with their kids, and homeschooling could be a way to accomplish that. Some may not have the time or energy to teach their children in addition to a full-time job.

 They might also be looking for ways to work closer with their child on subjects they want their child to know better.

 When you decide that home schooling is right for your family, there will be some adjustments. You will need to talk with your child about what they are learning and make sure they are understanding it. You’ll also need to keep track of all the subjects, activities, and materials they use throughout the day.

 It’s important that parents take the time necessary to do these things because it will help them determine if home schooling is right for them and how they can make it work best for their family.

#5 -Home Schooled Children Are More Motivated

 A lot of students dread going to school. There are many reasons that public schools can cause a child to feel unmotivated, but one of the biggest is a lack of understanding.

 Home schooled children are more motivated because they understand their work better than those who go to public schools. Schoolwork is often difficult for kids, which is frustrating and leads them to lose motivation quickly.

 On the other hand, home schooled kids are able to take more control over their learning process, which makes them more motivated to learn the material because they understand it better.


 Homeschooling can be a great alternative to public school, especially if you have a child who is struggling in a traditional classroom. With all the benefits of home schooling, it’s hard to ignore.

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