I know where you are right now...

 No, not in some creepy way like I’m standing outside your window or something. I mean I know the feelings that brought you here. I know because that was me not so long ago. That image to the left was how I began every single month of my life.

 I was living my 9 – 5, hated my job and felt like I was just working my entire life away to make somebody else successful. It was all I could do just to make ends meet. I would work full time, take night jobs, side gigs, even sell blood when things got bad!

 If there were any surprise bills that came up, it would set me back weeks. The stress of living that way became too much to bear. I knew I had to do something to break out of that routine or it would drive me under.

Tried it ALL and felt hopeless...

 I tried desperately to find something to fill in the gaps. One “method” after another to try and find even a little success online. All I found was that progress wasn’t just slow, it was non-existent.

 I spent hours, days, weeks and months watching videos and how-to’s on making money online. Nothing seemed to be getting me any closer to my goal. I wasn’t looking to get rich or have a Mansion or a Ferrari, I just wanted to be able to live comfortably and on my own terms.

man sitting in front of three computers

If you believe in luck...

 I’m not much of a believer in Karma or Luck or any of that stuff. I am however, a firm believer that sometimes you have to struggle to find something that just works. Some people say it builds character, to hell with that! I have plenty of character without the struggle!

 During one of my many… many hours of pouring through content to try this and try that to see if I could get any kind of a foothold, I happened upon something that spoke to me a little differently. 

 I have to say that I was intrigued by what I was hearing and in the way it was being delivered as it was quite a bit different than what I was used to hearing up until that point.

A Wise Man Once Said;

“The Difference Between A Poor Man And A Rich Man Is That The Poor Man Makes Excuses. The Rich Man Takes Massive Action!”

Taking that leap of faith...

 Look, I’ll be one of the first people to admit that by this point in my search I had become more than a little jaded. I had already heard all of the promises and had yet to receive a single delivery.

 I’m ashamed to admit that I seriously thought about packing it in and just finding a way to “work harder” even though there weren’t any hours left in the day to find more to do.

 I was at a point where I really had nothing to lose, so I took a leap of faith after viewing what appeared to be a seemingly run of the mill video on YouTube that would end up changing everything for me.

 I was reluctant at first, yeah I’ll admit it.. even a bit scared.